STEM Arcade

STEM Arcade Winter 2018 with a Focus on Human Body Systems

We will be creating a STEM Arcade in our classroom and each student will be creating their own Arcade game and bringing it to class on Friday, February 2nd.  Students from other classes will be coming to play our cardboard arcade games.

To learn more about this awesome project and read the project details, expectations and checklist, please see this hyperlink:

We were inspired from Caines Arade and to watch this video click below.

Watch last year’s video here:

This year we will be focusing on the Human Body Systems.  Every student has a group.  Click below to see what group you are in.


Let’s Look at our Summary Booklet of Six Human Body Systems

Circulatory System

Digestive System

Click Here to Find the Answers for the Digestive System

Click Here to Learn about the Digestive System

Muscular System

Read the Following Sheets and Answer the Questions

Nervous System

Click Here for the Answers for Labeling the Brain

Click Here to Find Read about the Nervous System and then use that information for the Cut and Paste on the Nervous System

Click Here to Lable the Respiratory Sheet

Click Here to Learn about the Respiratory Journey then Do the Cut and Paste

Click Here to Label the Skeletal System

Here are some helpful kid-friendly links to do research and study your system!  The information below can be used for note-taking to write paragraphs. 

Check out our Langley School District Library Database:

Check out some Kid-friendly information on the Body:

Basic Simple Facts:


Kids Health Overview of Different Organs:

A TON of details on different Body Systems:

Do you want to watch some videos and learn more?  Here are some educational videos from our School District Librarian database: