STEM (Science and Math)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Salmon in Our Classroom

Every school year we learn about salmon.  We are raising salmon in our classroom and they will be in our classroom from January to April.  They move from egg, to eyed eye, to alevin, to fry and then we release them into the Nicomekl Fish Hatchery in April or May.  If you want to learn more about this amazing program, please click this link:

Hour of Code 2017

Join us for some fun times coding!  We are doing the Hour of Code the first full week in December and students can continue to work through the material on their own pace.

Click on this link and then put in the password that Mrs. Woelders will give you.


Let’s Learn a New Way to do Addition!  The Left to Right Approach Versus the Long Addition Approach!


Come Learn about Our Local Ravine!

Check out some information on our local Ravine – McClughan Park.  Yorkson Creek runs through McClughan Park and we have Coho and Chum in our creek.

Come learn more here!

Watch Animals and Different Environments Around the World.  Here is one Example of a Kitten Rescue Shelter!

Do you want to learn more about animals and different environments?

Come click here to see and learn more!

Come Learn about the Human Body

Kids Health