Humanities (Social Studies)

Fur Trade Chapter 9 Photos

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Travel Around the World Listening and Looking!

Digital Human Library.  Go travel the world on your laptop!/a>

Listen to Radio Around the World!

Learn about Canadian Kids 2017 Book – Kids Guide to Canada

Biome Map

Check out the Biome Map and details HERE


Searching for Fort Langley Timeline Images

Please use Google Advance Search to use Copyright free images:

Other Hyperlinks that are Important References

Canadian Encyclopedia

Fort Langley Wikipedia Page

Reflections on Fort Langley

Another Resource to Look Into:


Explorers Unit

Here is the Answer Sheet for our Explorers Unit.  Click HERE. Enjoy!

Aboriginal Websites to help with research and images

Canadian Aboriginal Groups

Fascinating Blog Post about Aboriginal Governmental Order:

Facts and Information

Classroom Resources

B.C Aboriginal Groups

Resources and Information

Other Units in Social Studies

Create Your Own School This website is a great website to help us all create our own school. You can build the walls and make the school any type of school you want. Have fun!
Going to the Zoo to watch a Panda Bear – Go search this San Diego Zoo website for more fun stuff to look at.