STEM Science Fun!

Biomes Informational Books

Your booklet sheets – for each biome –  includes:

  • Definitions
  • Descriptions
  • Sketches 
  • And you must complete Math Candy for each Biome book.  You must take one number and put it on the Math Candy sheet and fill in the information.

Click the hyperlinks below to read the books.  You can find the Definition words in each of these books.

Temperate Climate

Polar Climate

Tropical Climate

Desert Climate

Charts on walls/paper regarding Descriptions


Salmon Walking Field Trip Booklet Info:

(If you are getting this too late, that is okay.  Just bring what you have to class tomorrow and we will work on it for a bit in class. Thanks, Mrs. Woelders)


Learning about Biomes

Here is a hyperlink to all the Biomes Overviews that the expert groups did in the class.  Please complete by Monday, if you didn’t get this copied in class.   For your ease, I have put the information into a Google document to be copied.  If you want to see the originals, you can open it up on this document.  You may have to zoom in on the chart paper, as some of the printing is small. 


Wanting to do some research?  You have come to the right spot!  The following are hyperlinks you can go to in order to find the information you are looking for.

Watch animals online:

For Your Three Interesting Facts, you can go to this page:  San Diego Zoo Animal Research Page:

National Geographic Kids Animal Research Page:

Kidsclick Library Online:

Cyber Sleuth:

Past Years . . .

Structures and Building Unit

Fun Survey on Electricity

Electricity Survey


What types of bridges are there?

Building Bridges.  Which bridge works?


Build Home

Remember that you need to write down all your notes on the “Note Taking Habitat Project Sheet”.

Animal Facts:

  • Height/Size
  • Weight
  • Colour
  • It has Fun/Feathers/Skin
  • What it Eats
  • Where it Eats
  • Where it Lives
  • Predators
  • Lifespan
  • Three Interesting Facts About My Animal
  • My animal’s habitat is . . .