Fall 2016 Update

An amazing start to the school year has included our STEM Arcade based from the Caine’s Arcade documentary we watched; Robots; walking field trips to McClughan Park (where we saw a spawning salmon go upstream) and more!   To start off with, here is our STEM Arcade video, and below are other photos of our lovely first months together.

To see our photos, please travel to this link HERE.  These photos will also be available on our Photos page of this website.  You will see two walking field trips to McClughan Park.  The recent field trip we saw a spawning salmon going up the river.  Check out the video!  There are also photos of our Ted Harrison Art, Halloween, Robots and other fun activities we have done!


We will start working on our class Place Based Learning website called Heart of Our Trails while we explore McClughan Park.  The students will be publishing information on this website in the coming months.  You can visit the website here:


We also watched animals in different biomes through this website, which can also be found under our Science STEM page.  Feel free to explore these awesome places around the world anytime you want!

We look forward to many more months of fun, adventure and learning in Grade 4 and 5!



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