May and June!

Our May and June rocked!  With Sports Day, Twin Day and more, we have had a spectacular two months.  Check out the photos and video below to see what we have been up to!

Photos Galore!

Our Inuit Soapstone Carving

IMG_20160502_094128511 IMG_20160502_094141439 IMG_20160502_094149802 IMG_20160502_113347452


Our Garden Presentation.  Thank you to Logan’s Mom for doing this for our school!
IMG_20160513_110704621 IMG_20160513_111245350_HDR IMG_20160513_114640248

Learning about Aboriginal Culture!


We had Fun Family Night!

IMG_20160527_191718293 IMG_20160527_191724721 IMG_20160527_194536893_HDR


Intermediate Music Concert!  We will miss you Mrs. Merkel!IMG_20160531_133959400 IMG_20160531_134231432 IMG_20160531_134450991


Sports Day!!!!IMG_20160603_090945772 IMG_20160603_091018946 IMG_20160603_091053214 IMG_20160603_091120942 IMG_20160603_100439392 IMG_20160603_100448123 IMG_20160603_100535737 IMG_20160603_100541429 IMG_20160603_100546529_HDR IMG_20160603_104127540_HDR IMG_20160603_105436600 IMG_20160603_110617412 IMG_20160603_111313893 IMG_20160603_112057538 IMG_20160603_112059416 IMG_20160603_112128987 IMG_20160603_113100566 IMG_20160603_113848633 IMG_20160603_113858920 IMG_20160603_114422396

Aboriginal Truth and Reconciliation Assembly Preparation . . .IMG_20160606_112248296

Our Public Speaking Contestants . . . and Winners!!!IMG_20160610_094727104 IMG_20160610_094735157 IMG_20160610_094739860 IMG_20160610_094757263 IMG_20160610_100015892 IMG_20160610_100045666 IMG_20160610_100051478

Our Salmon Environmental Hazards Board Games!  Fun Times!IMG_20160614_113903468_HDR IMG_20160614_120007900 IMG_20160614_120040742 IMG_20160616_115217761

We created Fur Trading Cards with real life Fur Traders and Individuals who interacted with the explorers Lewis and Clark when they took 2.5 years to travel across the North American continent.IMG_20160620_115339905 IMG_20160620_115347579 IMG_20160620_115355252 IMG_20160620_120109169

Our Assembly!  Truth and Reconciliation Assembly at Our School!

IMG_20160620_131045815 IMG_20160620_131057166 IMG_20160620_141850267

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