April Activities and Field Trips!

Well March flew by and since we had Spring Break in March we all just blinked and it was gone.  In April we have had some pretty amazing things so far.  Our fish turned into healthy fry and we went to the Salmon Hatchery!  We made special Ukrainian Eggs and went to a wonderful Lion King performance!

Here are some photos from our trip to the Nicomekl Salmon Hatchery!

IMG_20160422_093633107 IMG_20160422_094311531 IMG_20160422_095102342 IMG_20160422_095918235 IMG_20160422_100014065 IMG_20160422_100218796 IMG_20160422_100248371 IMG_20160422_100926154

Here are some photos of our Ukrainian Egg making!

IMG_20160425_110259435 IMG_20160425_110529306 IMG_20160425_110535523 IMG_20160425_111039647 IMG_20160425_140220601 IMG_20160425_140240166 IMG_20160425_140310481 IMG_20160425_110144918 IMG_20160425_110156991 IMG_20160425_110215733 IMG_20160425_110235625
IMG_20160425_140249040 IMG_20160425_140303033 IMG_20160425_140310481



























We then went to the Lion King Performance at Gordon Greenwood Elementary!  We had a “roar” of a good time!

IMG_20160429_124301694 IMG_20160429_140144891 IMG_20160429_140207530 IMG_20160429_140238237

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