January and February Fun!

We have had so much fun in January and in February.  Here are some photos of our fun times in our class!

Our Crazy Hat Day!

IMG_1271 Learning about Math through Arrays and through Blocks.

We ALL love Multiplication!



Fun Multiplication Minions Fun Project.  Let’s see if you can show your understanding of Multiplication sentences 6 x 8 = 48 by making beds and pillows for your minions!  We had “minions” of fun!IMG_1292


Learning about Robotics through a Robot expert!  Thank you James Kennedy Elementary and Mrs. Pimentel for letting us learn with you!



We have tons of questions about Salmon!IMG_20160204_141801220

Mrs. O’Connor who works for the BC Oceans and Fisheries came to teach us about Salmon and how to set up our tank in January!  It was amazing!  She also came back to talk to us about our dead egg and what we should do with it. IMG_20160205_111239027 IMG_20160205_111250963 IMG_20160205_111255791


We are creating a website that we are working on for Term Three called Heart of Our Trails for our local creek.  It is still under construction.  It is a website of awareness to teach everyone about our McClughan Park and the special salmon habitat just literally 6 minutes from our school!


Our recent Walking Field Trip to McClughan Park.  Tons of smiles and excitement!


Let’s learn about the Storm Sewer!  Is that water really good for salmon?  Ask one of our students and they will tell you the answer!


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