Thank you Microsoft Canada for Our Trial Laptops!

Our students are excited!  We can feel a happy hum in our class!  This is due to the fact that we have been graciously allowed to borrow 5 Hp Stream laptops from the corporate Microsoft Canada office until March!  Click HERE to learn more about these wonderful laptops.  After getting them set up last week the students have been working on Salmon journals, researching and using them for an online Math website called Gizmos.

IMG_20160112_104844701This comes at a perfect time because we are working on website design and development through the WordPress platform.  We worked on our school website, and to see our launch on YouTube you can click HERE.  We are now going to be able to build and work on other WordPress projects in teams of five now, in an efficient and easy way because the device comes with a wonderful processor!  The laptops have an Intel Celeron Processor – that is fast and efficient for the kids to quickly jump from one application to another, download files fast (onto the hard drive with the 2 GB memory) and stream and connect with other devices globally (i.e. through a clear Skype experience).  To learn more about the processor, you can click HERE.

Some students who have challenges with writing will be able to use these devices to easily record their voice through Office 365’s OneNote to share their understanding.  The devices are small and are able to fit into the kids hands easily because they are light and small enough to fit very comfortably on their desks.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 7.45.40 AM

Our school district has moved to use Office 365 for students and staff, and there is an opportunity for our class to trial this platform in the Spring time.  We look forward to the many more hours of creativity, researching, manipulating and coding we will be able to do with this device.

I wanted to send out a shout out to Mario Asta – the Microsoft Education Western Canada Rep – for putting these devices in our Grade 4 class at Dorothy Peacock.  This would not have happened without you!  Thank You!


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