November and December

We did some amazing things in November and December.  We had our Remembrance Day Ceremony and we coloured some “stain glass” poppies.  We also learned about Book Creator while we created our Aboriginal stories.   There is a photo below of a student presenting their Book Creator-creational story! We also did very cool ornaments which hopefully can last for a very long time.  I told the kids that I made one of these sequin ornaments when I was their age, and I still have it!  There is also a photo below of Mrs. Burtman’s class because we went into her class to learn about green screen.  Enjoy the photos!  I can’t believe we are in 2016 already!  Here are some photos reflecting the fun we have had.



IMG_20151218_101037781 IMG_20151218_101032028 IMG_20151218_101025983 IMG_20151218_093230881 IMG_20151211_135409716_HDR IMG_20151109_090426556

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