What’s Going on in Our Class!

Here are an array of wonderful photos and experiences we have had since the middle of March!  Enjoy!  Look closely at this photo because you will notice our tulips that we planted in October have bloomed behind these girls.  The kids loved seeing the flowers come to life!DSC_1833

Our Aboriginal Film Festival just before Spring Break was an awesome success!  I wish I could upload the presentations on to YouTube, however because the students used copyright images I can’t.  However, here is a snap shot of the presentations.IMG_0628

Here we are making Ukranian Eggs, which many of you mothers received on Mother’s day.  It was a great day and we want to thank my mother – Bev O’Connor – for coming in to show your expertise!  And all the parents helpers too!

DSC_1839 DSC_1838 DSC_1837 DSC_1836 DSC_1835 DSC_1834

IMG_0640 IMG_0641 IMG_0642 IMG_0643 IMG_0644

We also had Madison’s Dad come in and teach us about painting.  It was amazing.

DSC_1842 DSC_1841 We had the privilege of recently have Jenny – an Aboriginal presenter from the school district – come into our school to show us Soapstone carving.  We have been learning a ton about the Aboriginal culture and we look forward to learning more.  Sorry, I didn’t take any photos for this activity.

Last week, we had the privilege of doing a Mystery Math Skype with a school from Surrey. Each class had to pick a number under 1,000 and then we had to go back and forth trying to figure out what number it is by asking questions.  It was a ton of fun!

skype in the classroom

This week, we started our project on explorers.  This will be an amazing experience for the kids because they will eventually build a Minecraft colony in a world where there was an Aboriginal village built in second term.  Here are some photos of us starting to learn about what platforms (perimeter and area) we need to use for our colony.  Soon, we will have constructed a colony into a Minecraft world.  Stay posted for a YouTube video before the end of June!


We are also combining our class with the Grade 4/5 class to do an Edcamp-style like activity.  This means that each student will have an opportunity to either present by themselves or with a group on a subject they love (i.e. cooking, basketball, dancing).  They will be given time to be in a small group to facilitate discussion and teach others what they know about their subject.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.08.23 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.07.58 PM

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