Update in the Class

A recent letter home . . .

From the Desk of Mrs. Woelders

We are moving on from Perimeter to Area and will be continuing to talk about Aboriginals in our Social Studies curriculum.  Our current drills are focused on Multiplication and if possible take some time to review Multiplication drills, as this will help in the Area Unit for the Grade 4’s.  The Grade 3’s will be working on a Math Counting and Perimeter Project in class for the next week or two.

I wanted to address an issue that has come up regarding students marking other students’ work.  For Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays students have been switching classwork/homework assignments, specifically in the curricular subjects of Math and Spelling.   Ms. Meiners may tend to approach marking differently. There are many parts that play a role in the creating of letter grades for the Grade 4’s and marks for the learning outcomes for the Grade 3’s, so if there are some mistakes by the marker there will not be immense ramifications.  What are weighted heavily are Unit tests, which play a very important role in showing the demonstration of the concept being assessed.  In addition, classroom participation and projects add to the creation of the report cards too.  Giving students the opportunity to be independent; the process of learning how to mark another student’s assignment; and re-checking their own marked assignment are important tools as they move further into intermediate and middle school years.

If you have any concerns regarding this issue, please email me, or come talk to me for more information or clarification.  I continue to thoroughly enjoy teaching your child, and I look forward to the remaining months left of our school year.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. V. Woelders


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