January 29th Update

It has been a while since I have posted on this site, as I have been busy with iMovies and our school website, but since I have moved from two days to three days, I have decided to start using this site more often to communicate with parents and students in our class.

We are in the middle of learning some great things in Math, Language Arts, Career and Health and in Social Studies.  In Math, we have just ended a Unit on Measurement and then in Language Arts we are stretching our thinking to the max with some Reading Comprehension Skills.  We are also working on Bullying and Empathy in our Career and Health curriculum subject.  On top of that there is also some great conversations on Communities, Pioneers and soon to be Explorers and Aboriginal groups in Canada, in our Social Studies subject.

We are also exploring some technology with the continued use of iMovie, YouTube, Word Processing and also Quicktime.  We have been using iPads to do some drills in our class and practice our basic Math drills.  We have explored Google Maps with the iPads and have used the camera app as well.  As for Math, the app we have been using is called MultiplicationWiz and there are two others that we have visited called DivisionWiz and also SubtractionWiz.

There is definitely some great learning in our class, and since we are in the midst of the Grade 4s doing the FSA tests, we have been also juggling the art of Handwriting and doing some DPA through this hyperlink that will bring you to a page on the school’s website.

We will soon be heading into February, which means Valentines Day is just around the corner, and Family Day is also coming!

Make sure to check out all our YouTube videos via our school website, under Video Gallery if you didn’t in December: www.jameshillelementary.com

Have a wonderful day,

Mrs. Woelders

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