To All Parents and Kids,

It should be a wonderful new school year.  Autumn is always such an exciting time of the year and I am thrilled to be back at James Hill two days a week on Mondays and Fridays.  This year I am teaching Fridays and Ms. Meiners is teaching Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Just some reminders that the students’ agendas will continue to be a main communication method between teacher, child and parent and we would like you to initial daily your child’s agendas so communication between school and home will go smoothly.  Feel free to come and talk to us about any concerns, hopes or inquiries you have about your child, as we would encourage regular communication.  I have added a few new websites, so relax, kick back and enjoy learning some new things!

APPS, APPS and More APPS!  James Hill just got iPads in June.  If you are looking for apps to support your child’s learning please check out MY KID’S LOCKER.  It is a great resource for bundles of apps for kids.  They include apps used in Vancouver area schools and can help your child learn and play at the same time.   If you are interested, please visit and subscribe to My Kid’s Locker to learn more!

Now onto this website . . .

Welcome to My Learning Website.  You will find information about what is going on in our classroom and some links to some cool learning activities.  This website will be regularly updated.  Feel free to visit anytime you would like!  I have also put subjects on there own pages, so they now have their own homes.  Click on the headers to find subject websites.  Enjoy!

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